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Service pricing

There are two types of prices you need to know about: diagnosis and repair. The prices shown here are for diagnosis and include transportation. We give you the repair cost by e-mail when diagnosis is completed. If your product is still under warranty and the damage is covered by the warranty, the diagnosis and repair are free.

Smartphones, Tablets and Smart tech 7 euro (29.90 lei)
Laptop, PC and peripherals 11 euro (49.90 lei)
TV, Audio and Gaming gear 19 euro (79.90 lei)
Watches, glasses, shoes and smartwatches 7 euro (29.90 lei)
Small appliances 15 euro (59.90 lei)
Domestic appliance Coming soon
Gardening gear 25 euro (99.90 lei)
Auto & Moto Coming soon
Other equipments 11 euro (49.90 lei)